How to care for Amtico flooring

One of the most well-known brands of LVT flooring (luxury vinyl tiles) is Amtico. If you’re new to the world of LVT flooring, you’ll be pleased to know that they have a great many benefits. Across all the many different variations of flooring, LVT is one of the most ‘high-end’, boasting a real wow-factor with its designer style that can be customized to the buyers exact specifications. However, what also makes LVT a popular choice for homes across the country is that it hard wearing and very easy to maintain. Here we will run you through the simple steps that are needed to take care of LVT flooring like Amtico.

Unlike many other forms of flooring, Amtico LVT requires very little maintenance. You don’t need to spend hours polishing, buffing and refurbishing parts – if you practice some easy to follow steps.

Like many types of flooring, one potential risk factor with LVT is the chance of scratches and scrapes. So, to stop this from happening you need to reduce that risk. One way you can do that is to provide entrance matts at any exit and entry points to your home. This gives both you and any visitors the chance to wipe their feet before entering the home stopping grit, stones and dirt from making its way on to the floor and causing scrapes when dragged across the floor underfoot. Another way to help avoid this is to have a shoe rack placed close to entry and exit points so that visitors are encouraged to take their shoes off when they arrive, again reducing the chances of scrapes.

Another way that the flooring can be damaged through scrapes is by furniture. Some furniture can pose a risk to flooring causing indentations through heavy weight or causing scratches on the floor when moved around – think heavy bookcases, or dining chairs with metal legs. One way to protect against this is to add coverings to legs, such as protective felt feet, glides or castors which can soften the weight and prevent any problems with indentation or marking. When purchasing furniture try and opt for items with wide or broad surfaces, rather than thin legs. This is because the weight is less likely to cause marks and dents if the weight is distributed over a larger contact area.

Finally, the third way to protect surfaces is simply to engage a regular cleaning routine, this means incorporating flooring maintenance into your usual pattern of chores. Sweeping your floor frequently and occasionally mopping it will help to not only remove any dust and dirt but can also help your floor sparkle again by removing any light markings.

Amtico flooring is one of the easiest types of flooring to look after, and really only needs a deep clean once in a blue moon provided that you follow the easy steps we have mentioned. As a final tip, when vacuuming your floor be careful to use an appropriate head such as one with soft bristles which are less likely to scratch your floor.

Do you have more questions about LVT flooring? Read our guide here which explains everything you need to know about several different types of flooring:

If you’re still stuck as to which type of flooring would be most suited to your needs, then you should seek the advice from flooring professionals. Our team at Lincolnshire Flooring  can help you to find exactly the right product, talking you through the pros and cons and allowing you to get an idea of how it might look and feel inside your home. If you would like advice on picking out a suitable flooring, then please visit us at our showroom or call us now on 01522 524374.

  • 31 May 2018