Why flooring transitions are essential in open plan spaces

With more and more people opting for open-plan layouts in their homes, the importance of well-crafted flooring transitions is becoming more and more evident.  Traditionally homes have been built with separate rooms that have their own self-contained identities with their own wallpapers, carpets and unique individual styles. However in present times one of the most sought-after features of a home is an open plan kitchen, dining room or living space.

Open plan spaces allow for a spacious, free moving style of living. However, even with open plan spaces it is still important to have variation between spaces, not only to offer some texture but also for practical reasons. Having a luxury cream carpet may well be comfortable underfoot and be a great choice for the area that serves as your living room around your TV and sofa, but it would be a disastrous choice to have the same carpet in the areas where you cook and eat.  Equally, a stone or tile flooring may be well suited to your kitchen area where it can be easily cleaned but may be far too cold and uncomfortable underfoot in the area where you relax and watch TV.

The use of different types of flooring also helps you to create guidelines for your open plan living space and properly define different zones. For example by using laminate or hardwood flooring to mark out your kitchen or dining area and using carpet to identify where you relax. Another way that you can differentiate between areas is to switch patterns, colours or directions with hardwood, laminate or luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring. 

When deciding on patterns and colours it’s important to be imaginative. You may find that two different kinds of flooring or colours are far too different to work together or similarly that they are too alike. Here at Lincolnshire Flooring we have a range of different styles, tones and textures and can help you create an open plan living space that looks stylish, modern and flows continuously.  To learn more give us a call on 01522 524374 or pop in to our showroom in Lincoln on Outer Circle Road.

  • 31 Jan 2017