How to get pet hair off your carpet

We love our pets but unfortunately many of them shed hair all over the place. This can be an annoyance not only for owners but also for visitors to the homes of places where a pet lives. In this article we will look at some of the ways we can remove and reduce pet hair in the home.

Everyone loves a plush, warming carpet and they can be particularly nice for pets who appreciate the comfort when they walk around the house. However, many home owners will opt to go for a different type of flooring simply because of the amount of pet hair that can accumulate and become an annoyance.

The key to reducing pet hair is to decrease the chances of shedding and to clean up any that does make its way onto your carpet.

Regular vacuuming of your carpet will help to remove some of the hair that your pet sheds and you should clean thoroughly under furniture as this can be a common place for it to accumulate. If hair is stubborn and won’t easily be vacuumed you should alternate directions with your vacuum to help loosen hairs which refuse to budge.

If your carpet is restricted to one particular area of your home then you could teach your pet to avoid this room and stay within areas which are not carpeted.

In addition to this, grooming your pet regularly by bathing it and brushing its coat can help to control shedding and regular trimming of hair can prevent the loss of damaged or loose hair.

Finally, you could also consider choosing a carpet which matches the colour of your pet’s coat and masks it temporarily between vacuuming or opt for a floor which is easier to remove hair from such as a wooden or vinyl flooring.

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  • 25 Jun 2015