Enough is Enough: how to know when it's time to replace your flooring

Whether you have recently moved in to a new property and you are unsure whether you should replace the carpets, or you're the landlord of a rental property and your tenants feel the flooring is sub-par, it can be hard to know when exactly you should bite the bullet and purchase some new flooring for your property. Here we look at a few of the signs that it's time to make the switch.

#1 – Your carpet is threadbare

One common reason to replace a carpet is that it has begun to look 'thread bare'. This is when the fibres of the carpet have been worn down with time and the original colour or pattern has begun to fade or look thin. Carpets generally do lose colour over time and it's quite normal. However, there are certain things that speed this up. Install blinds to prevent the sun bleaching your carpet, keep your carpets as clean as possible by removing shoes in doors, treat any stains quickly and always purchase a good quality carpet with a warranty. If your carpet is looking thin and ragged, there are corners frayed and general wear and tear then you should consider purchasing a new one.

#2 – You have badly stained your flooring

Not even the most expensive flooring is completely stain proof and accidents do happen. Many carpets for example have anti-stain properties applied these days, however over time they can still degrade. As we explain in our guide, there are many different tricks of the trade that you can employ to remove carpet stains. There are a range of powders, shampoos and sprays that you can use to remove the general muck or discolouration caused by heavy footfall and by acting early you can tackle dreaded coffee or wine spills. But sometimes flooring gets stained that many times that restoring it to its original glory is just too difficult. In that case you should probably opt for a new one.

#3 – Your flooring is bad for your pets

Another good reason for deciding to change the flooring in your property is that it's not suited to your pets, or perhaps new pets that you'll be bringing home. Some types of flooring are better than others for our furry friends. Vinyl flooring is strong so can take lots of wear and tear from pets, is resistant to liquid, easy to clean and comfortable underfoot. Solid wood floors on the other hand are tougher to clean, easier to stain and not very comfortable for our dogs and cats. So if you've been having problems with your current flooring in regards to your pets, or you're planning on bringing home a new pet then it might be time to think about switching your flooring.

#4 – Your vinyl flooring has begun to fade

Commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms, vinyl flooring is sturdy and long lasting. Best of all it is low maintenance and resistant to scratches. However, over time like any flooring it can be worn down. Everyday use of vinyl flooring over time can cause stains, burns and marks which need repairing. Too much direct sunshine can also lead to it losing some of its colour. Another side affect of heavy traffic on vinyl flooring is moisture bubble. Moisture bubbles or air pockets can cause the vinyl to peel and lift up away from the sub floor. If this happens then it may be time to consider replacing both your vinyl flooring and your sub floor.

#5 – You have bad moisture damage or mould

Mould is a real danger in our homes and can cause serious allergic responses including skin irritation, asthma attacks, eye problems and hay fever like sneezing. Carpets are one of the most at risk types of floorings for mould growth as the mould spores easily bind to carpet fibres if the conditions are right. Areas of your home that are commonly moist, wet or are below ground are particularly susceptible which is why it's best to avoid carpet in those types of areas. Mould can be easy to identify, black or dark green miscoloured areas of your carpet, mildew build up or strange odours and smells are good giveaways that you have a problem. You can help reduce the chances of mould infesting your carpet by reducing humidity through extractor fans and dehumidifiers. You can also make sure that you have a good quality underlay beneath your carpet. Sometimes you can treat mould with a steam-cleaning machine or by replacing a small part of your carpet. However, often mould builds up without you realising and when peeling it back you may notice it has spread drastically. If this is the case then the quickest and safest thing to do is replace your carpet.

#6 – You're tired of your shade of wood

Hardwood flooring is built to last. It has excellent resistance to spills and is quite difficult to stain. However, wooden flooring can be scraped and scratched, for instance by moving furniture around your home or from the claws of your cat. However, scratches and scrapes are normally pretty straightforward to deal with. If you have a minor scrape then you can fix it up with waxes, or colour over a light scratch with shoe polish. If you're feeling brave then you can even sand your wooden flooring down to refinish it and give it a new lease of life. In some cases you may need to replace your wooden flooring due to structural issues, or infestation but it's quite rare. So the only reason left to replace a wooden floor is simply that you've fallen out of love with it and want to opt for a different shade – perhaps to brighten up the room with a lighter tone, or conversely to give it a more mature look with a darker one.

#7 – You are looking to sell your property

Finally, another important reason to replace the flooring in your home is that you are hoping to put your property on the market. Flooring that looks scratched, mouldy, tatty, out of place or holds smells of pets is a sure fire way to put potential buyers or letters off your home. By replacing them with neutral colours that look and feel great and make the most of your home's natural features you can add value and speed up your sale.

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Case Studies


This was Student accommodation for Lincoln University fitting Rimini carpet tiles throughout the living accommodation with Gradus PVC nosings to the staircases. Safety flooring in shower areas and Luxury Vinyl Tiles to kitchens

Dixon Ward at Lincoln County Hospital

Another installation carried out by our experienced Contracts fitting team fitting Altro white rock to walls to form a totally hygienic surface.

Alive Church

Wall cladding in one of their family rooms with with gerfloor tara safe ultra non slip area for wet play with Lincolnshire flooring Ruston Tiles in colour lead.

Retail installation with Beautiful stair runner in Telenzo Carpet

Retail installation with Beautiful stair runner in Telenzo Carpet in colour Gravel finished off perfectly with some stair rods in colour Pewter.

Beautiful stripe carpet by Castlemead

Woodpecker engineered wood installation finished off with a complementary modern twist, beautiful stripe carpet by Castlemead in colour Velvet Stripe.